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The Jacknife Gamer Mini-Gamepad is currently for Android phones only!
While this Bluetooth gamepad uses standard keycodes, iPhones seemed to be unable to read these codes.  Any firmware help from iOS community is appreciated to make JKG work for iPhones.


  • Press and hold "START" for 3 seconds to turn the gamepad ON or OFF.  Gamepad will immediately go into pairing mode or attempt to connect to a previous device.

  • Select "Jacknife Gamer" in the phone's Bluetooth menu to pair.

  • To pair Jacknife Gamer to another phone, turn off bluetooth on the old phone before turning on Jacknife Gamer.  If Jacknife Gamer cannot detect the old phone, it will automatically attempt to pair to a new phone.

  • Jacknife Gamer will turn off if inactive for 15 minutes.

Battery charge:

  • When battery level is low, the center LED will blink and the gamepad will automatically shut off after 5 seconds.

  • Recharge gamepad with USB-C charging cable and charger from the phone for approx. 20 minutes.

  • If the phone uses Mini-USB charging cable, please use the included Mini-USB to USB-C adapter to attach the gamepad to the phone charging cable.

Jacknife Gamer details:

● Battery: 250 mAh
 (Approx 60 hours of constant gaming)
● Charge port: USB-C
 (Charge with the USB cable from your phone. Also include mini-USB to USB-C adaptor for phones with mini-USB)
● Connection: Bluetooth v5.0



● Closed: 64mm * 29mm * 27mm

● Opened: Clips up to 86mm wide phones

● Weight: 40g

● Fits in 95% of all pockets

Right and left bumper buttons repositioned to the lower back:

The most natural way to hold the JKG is indicated in the picture below.  Thus we designed the RB and LB buttons to be where the ring (fourth) fingers naturally rest when a phone is held this way.


XYAB Button scheme:
A traditional gamepad has the XYAB buttons in a diamond scheme.  But that will not work for the way people hold a phone.  Because of that, the Jacknife Gamer changed the XYAB button scheme to better fit the position of the thumb for how the hands usually hold the phone.


Developer's details:

This bluetooth gamepad uses Bluetooth v5.00.

When a button is pressed, it sends scancode/keycode accordingly to the phone.


About the inventor:

My name is Duncan Mao.  I am a product designer and also a min/max gamer who's work/family life got so busy that I can only play games on the go and on my phone.  Over 2 years ago, I tried to find a portable gamepad that I could bring with me at all times.  I couldn't find one so I decided to use my computer drafting skills to make one.

I came up with the initial functional design almost 2 years ago.  I then applied for the patents and created the Jacknife Gamer Inc.  After over a dozen of revisions and prototypes, I finally have a portable mobile gamepad that I am comfortable enough to share with you.

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