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List of games I enjoyed playing

There are literally tens of thousands of mobile games that can be played with the JKG gamepad.

Here is a list of the games that I have personally played and enjoyed while using JKG mini-gamepad.  I will add more titles as I play more games.

Jacknife Gamer mini-gamepad uses standard Android keycodes for each of the 12 buttons.
However, individual Android games read their game controllers differently.  Sometimes even different brand of Android phones will handle these button keycodes in their own ways.  This cause the Jacknfie Gamer mini-gamepad to work for some games and not for others.  Or even for the gamepad to work for a specific game on one brand of Android phone, but not work for that game on another brand of Android phone.

We are constantly trying to find ways to to make Jacknife Gamer mini-gamepad work for all games.  Please help by email us which games that does not work with the Jacknife Gamer gamepad and we will contact their developers so we can sort things out.

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